• Lori

For the love of old brick walls

We knew there was brick walls under that plaster. We knew we wanted to expose them to the world but we had no idea how to make this happen. Much discussion went into these walls and 90% of the time we ended up saying we would just leave the walls with paneling on them and make the best of it, but......Kristen watched a you tube video one night and that all changed quickly.

We were all to meet at the shop on Sunday to take down the drop ceiling. We did know there was a pressed metal ceiling hiding behind that ugly drop ceiling and we would deal with the repairs and painting it but Kristen's husband Rob has more energy and determination than my coon dog on the scent of a coon so he had already, unbeknownst to me, taken down the ceiling. The Pressed metal was amazing. Oh not in amazing shape but still amazing to me. I just wondered all day why people in the 60's and 70's would want to hide all this wonderful architecture that we were uncovering.

Kristen and Rob showed me their new toy/tool to take off the plaster and we all quickly got to work. It was dusty and dirty and heavy and hard. Rob did most of the chipping away of the plaster while Kristen and I shoveled up the debri and put it in 5 gallon buckets and carried it out back to the loader bucket of the tractor. After a few long hours, one wall was exposed and I couldn't stop looking at its beauty.

This little shop that we are creating just turned from a sad little enclosed building into a beautiful old proud building with tons of character. I cannot wait to see what else we can uncover to share with the world.

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