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A Needed Reminder

During the past week we have been at the new shop more hours than we have been home. We get home from work and grab dinner and head to the new shop to work on the next project. Tonight was no different. This week, and I am sure for many weeks to follow, our minds have been racing with ideas and tasks that we want to accomplish before we open our new shop.

Tonight we were at the building discussing the tasks to be completed. Bailey wanted to go to the farm tonight so bad. All I could think about was the million things I had to do and how we didn't have time to go to the farm. Now Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with Bailey realizes she is an old soul. She appreciates the little details in not only in architecture, but in life. She also has a gift, and sometimes a curse, of an argument that is full of indisputable facts and even quotes from me. Tonight was no different. She wanted an hour at the farm. She wanted to see all the animals she loves. Bailey then says she wants to take a break from our busy life and enjoy the simple things tonight. At that very moment I knew we were going to the farm for an hour. We all have things that are therapeutic to us and helps us recharge our batteries. For Bailey that time is at the farm with the animals.

The visit to the farm was important not only for Bailey, but for me as well. I knew it was a good idea to clear our heads and enjoy some time together. Her mind is always going and thinking about ways to drive home her argument, even though she clearly had won this round. Upon arriving at the farm Bailey says she wants to see the chickens and the rooster. Before we even made it see them she says, "Mom we have been on the run this past week much like our rooster ,Bob, runs around when we are near."

Then we were off to see the adult chickens. She enjoys these chickens and she says they enjoy her as well. She has them trained or maybe bribed them well with mealworms over the years. She does enjoy them so and has also spent a lot of time learning about them. She is always eager to learn more facts about them.

Our final stop was to see our donkey, Corey. The girls love to feed him carrots. We didn't have any carrots tonight, but Bailey didn't mind she wanted to go into the pin to pet him. Then she wanted her picture taken with him. Well tonight he wasn't having any part of it. He kept going in a different direction and wasn't being photogenic. Little did Bailey know that I did capture a picture of her and Corey, but it was from behind. I showed her the picture later thinking I would delete that one. Bailey said, "don't delete that picture mom." I said, "why not bailey it is from the back you can't even see your faces?"

Her response was, "because it shows a moment I was enjoying him not every picture or moment is pretty, but it is still enjoyable.

Tonight was a much needed reminder from my very sweet nine year old that we truly do need to stop and enjoy the little moments in life as they are all special. Some of these moments might be as pretty as others, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable.

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